Painting Guidelines for LOSP treated products

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's the same story everytime someone comes into our business with a rotted out piece of verandah post or baluster,etc.. "Our house is only 10 years old and rot has started to set in and we need these replaced!" On further questioning as to how they (or their builder) installed and/or painted the products involved, we were horrified to learn that not only were the posts not installed properly, the recommended preparation and painting of the products were not adhered to.

Painting Guidelines

1. Ideally, treated timber should be allowed to stand for a minimum of ten days after installation prior to painting or staining. Once dry, they paint like untreated timber. This is to ensure that the solvent carrier has totally dissipated from the timber.

2. All six sides (including the end grain) must be painted.Where a piece of timber is cut to length,rebated or drilled, it is essential that the newly exposed surfaces are re-sealed with a suitable timber preservative, such as a in-can Tanalised Ecoseal or Enseal Timber Protective, available from hardware stores

3. Solid colour painting requires 2 coats premium quality primer and 2 coats of quality acrylic or enamel paint as per manufacturer's instructions.