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Gable Features

All our gable features are made to order. We love a challenge and have successfully reproduced numerous complicated gable features over our many years in business.

List of Products

  • Gable_infill
  • Gable Feature Infills

    We love a challenge and can replicate any gable feature. This feature is an example of one which we replicated successfully despite its size and the magnitude of the job.

    As you can see, we needed a crane truck to transport it!

  • Classic-gf01
  • Gable Feature - GF01

    Simple, yet effective..this feature is supplied with the half-moon arch attached to a cross bar. The finial is supplied separately - the style of which can be different to the one shown here. Choose from our range of finials or provide us with a picture of your own design.

  • Gable_feature_-_gf02
  • Gable Feature - GF02

    A gable feature beautifully complimented by barge board trims, rosette ends and eave brackets.

  • Gable_feature_-_gf03
  • Gable feature - GF03

    Simple but effective. This gable infill will sure to enhance the look of the front of your home. We can custom make by changing any aspect of this infill to your liking.

  • Gable_feature_-_gf04
  • Gable Feature - GF04

    Another fine example of how gable infills can project a sophisticated look to an otherwise plain frontal.

    Contact us to discuss any ideas for variations to these custom-made gable inserts.