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Friezes & Fretwork - Interior

Choose from our range of internal friezes and fretwork to create or re-create a warm and charming entry to hallways and living rooms. The panels depicted in our gallery are just examples of what can be achieved by using a bit of imagination and the clever combination  if of stock standard motifs and corner brackets.

We can help you through the design process or if you have a picture of what you want, just email it to us for a quote.

List of Products

  • If01_standards_page_1
  • Internal Fretwork--IF01

    frame size: 42x42mm in pine,  frieze height: 300mm .

    Motif can be chosen from MF01-MF16

    panel in 18mm MDF.

    Need the length to order.


  • If02
  • Internal fretwook - IF02

    Frame:42x42mm in pine. Bottom arch rai: 42x42mm in pine.

    Panel in 18mm MDF. Freeze hegiht: 300mm

    Need the length to order.

  • Img_0905
  • Internal fretwork - IF03

    Frame size:70x32mm in pine , panel in 18mm MDF

    Height :740mm

    Need length to order.

    Other timber is also available.