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  • Dining Table Legs

    As a major supplier of dining table legs to manufacturers for over 30 years, we have earned our reputation as the "quality woodturners" who know their craft. We have legs that will suit any table size. Ranging from sizes 70x70mm to 135x135mm, our dining table legs are available in styles such as turned, tapered, fluted and square - in Pine or Ash. We can also custom handturn to order. Quantity discounts apply.

  • Mix
  • Foot Buns

    Foot buns or bun feet are the perfect solution if you need your furniture piece lifted off the ground. Use them for sofas, lounge chairs, couches, beds, blanket chests, hat stands, toy boxes, or use your imagination!  Featured here is only a handful of foot bun designs; contact us for the full range. Available in sizes from 56x56mm to 185x185mm. Quantity discounts apply.

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  • Hall Stand & Dressing Table Legs

    Available in 56x56mm, 70x70mm and 90x90mm, our hall stand or dressing table legs are timeless in design. They can also be used for supporting Federation style washstands, chopping blocks, bedside tables and rustic country style planter stands.

  • Mirror_stand
  • Mirror Posts

    Our posts for Cheval mirrors or dressing table mirrors are available in 45x45mm, 56x56mm and 70x70mm. Featured are our classic Colonial styles, but we also custom turn to order. 

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  • Miscellaneous

    Apart from our main products, we also turn to order in commercial quantities the following:

    • lamp bases & columns
    • rolling pins and chopping blocks
    • perforation pegs (for plumbing applications)
    • plant pedestal columns 
    • dowels and round handrails
    • baseball bats and calisthenics batons
    • knobs

    From small products like knobs to huge 200mm pedestal columns, we have the capability to turn them.