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  • Arches - Exterior and Interior

    Give your home that beautiful Federation style look by simply installing arches or arch rails in between your verandah posts. We also make arch features and hall dividers for internal applications.


    Create your own arch with the following considerations:

    • External or internal? This will determine the timber to be used e.g. treated or untreated.
    • Will the arch be stained or painted? Again, an appropriate timber choice has to be made.
    • Will arch be fixed to existing posts, wall to wall or to end droppers?
    • Will it have plain straight slats or squiggle slats, with or without motifs?
    • Will it have "dental" deco on one or both sides of the arch?
    • How high is your ceiling? This will determine the height of the "rise" of the arch.


    We hope you find the above helpful. Contact us for more information.


  • Balustrading
  • Balustrades

    Classic Woodturning has the skills,experience and expertise to make the best quality timber balustrading in Melbourne. Balustrades are needed not only for safety reasons but they do give your verandah that complete classic, traditional look. Below is our range of handrails, bottom rails and turned balusters. For slatted balustrades, please go to Motifs for Balustrades 

    Like all our other products, customers are not limited to the balustrading components featured on this website. We love challenges and are happy to discuss and quote on any design you want or wish to replicate.

    Balustrades can be ordered assembled or unassembled for both external and internal applications. In addition to Verandah posts, we also supply staircase components like newel posts, post capitals and of course, the top and bottom rails,as well as the balusters snd slats. Like verandah fretwork, balustrades are priced at a per linear metre rate.

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  • Barge Board Deco Trims

    Barge boards or decorative panels are primarily used to decorate gables, with great effect. We offer four barge board designs. Made from tough weathertex, our boards come in lengths of 1200mm and are 100% waterproof. We can also make to order other styles of trim provided the quantity ordered is sizable.

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  • Corbels - carved

    Corbels add a touch of style and elegance to kitchens, mantlepieces and bookcases, just to name a few. While we stock an extensive range of corbels in Pine and Ash, we also carve corbels to your specifications and in your choice of timber, such as Jarrah, Red Gum or Jelutong. Need other types of carving done? Just email or send us a picture for a free quote!