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Arches - Exterior and Interior

Give your home that beautiful Federation style look by simply installing arches or arch rails in between your verandah posts. We also make arch features and hall dividers for internal applications.


Create your own arch with the following considerations:

  • External or internal? This will determine the timber to be used e.g. treated or untreated.
  • Will the arch be stained or painted? Again, an appropriate timber choice has to be made.
  • Will arch be fixed to existing posts, wall to wall or to end droppers?
  • Will it have plain straight slats or squiggle slats, with or without motifs?
  • Will it have "dental" deco on one or both sides of the arch?
  • How high is your ceiling? This will determine the height of the "rise" of the arch.


We hope you find the above helpful. Contact us for more information.


List of Products

  • Img_1886
  • arch panel 02

    Top rail: 70x45mm, bottom rail: 80x45mm, slats: 42x19mm, motifs available

    pls supply the rise and drop before ordering

  • Img_1894
  • arch panel 03

    top rail: 70x45mm, arch rail: 80x80mm, slats size:42x19mm, Dental on both sizes, motifs availble

    Pls supply the rise and drop before ordering